This is the post excerpt.

Stories are all around us.  Just look up and notice what’s happening.  Close your eyes and let your imagination drift.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to start a new tale.  Check out my works in progress below! Please contact me for manuscript samples.

TEENY TINY APPLE PIES – a tale of missing ingredients and family love

LAUGHING WITH THE MOON – 2 sisters and a cold moonlit adventure

SQUIRRELS ROUND AND ROUND – what exactly are those squirrels up to in my backyard?

FIONA AT LAST – a young boy gets  those hippo questions answered snippity snap – inspired by the birth of the Cincinnati Zoo’s newest addition, baby hippo Fiona

FAIRY PUMPKINS –  a little girl with her own magical garden. 

SNOWPRISE! a family joins together to give their youngest a memorable birthday




Sukkah Sleep out – is tonight the night Hannah joins her family in the sukkah sleep out?


hannukkah                                                                                                                          Gideon the Hanukkah Gift – It’s Gideon’s favorite holiday and this year Mom says he will be a present!   



The Missing Menorah It’s almost time to light the menorah for the first night of Hanukkah. But where could it be?



 New York city this weekend. Looking forward to meeting so m




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